Our Wines

Small Batch, Hand Made Wines

The Queen’s Hand

Premium Wines made from imported grapes and juices

Zinfandel     Shiraz     Cab Sav     Merlot     Pinot Noir     Nebbiolo     Forza     Riesling     Chardonnay     Pinto Gris     Gewurztraminer     Sauvignon Blanc     Moscato     Pink Moscato     Rose     Secret Reserve     Limited Release 

Her Majesty’s Sweet Reserve

Light, semi-sweet wines with a fruit focus

Peach Apricot     Sangria     Blackberry     Blueberry     Black Raspberry     Green Apple     Strawberry      Black Cherry     Blood Orange Sangria     Coconut Yuzu     Strawberry Watermelon     Raspberry Peach Sangria     Pineapple Pear     Pomegranate     Kiwi Pear     Wildberry     Exotic Fruits     Raspberry Dragon Fruit     Cucumber Melon     Apple Berry     Cranberry

The Royal Garden

Crafted from locally grown fruits

Muscadine     Scuppernong     Mead (Many types to choose from)     Strawberry     Blackberry     Blueberry     Peach     Elderberry     Rhubarb     Watermelon     Plum     Apple     Cherry     Pear     Niagara     Sweet Red

Get a keg of wine from us. Perfect for weddings, parties, and other special events! Includes free rental on keg party tap. Contact us to make a special reservation or to see what’s currently available. Kegs start at $240. A $50 refundable keg return fee will be added at checkout.

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Kegged wine available now! Take one home today.

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